Party Central

Em's Cryo Treats Party Central

Wait… What??

Yes, we also build customized orders for your next party, get-together, business party… Pretty much any occasion!

  • We go the extra mile with our Celebration Kits… If there is a VIP for the occasion, everyone else gets a Party-Size, while the VIP gets the full-sized treat!
  • Talk about “Makin’ it POP”… How many parties have you been to that had unique Freeze-dried Party Favors???
  • Talk about Presentation… We customize each pouch label of our freeze-dried treats to your occasion!
  • Want to talk about cost?  Well, we got ya there… We trim all the ‘fat from every order and use it as a (sneaky) marketing opportunity.  So you get to impress your friends and we get to use the occasion to expose our products to them! That means you can entertain on a budget, and we get to show how good our Freeze-Dried Treats are to your friends!  Everyone wins and no one is the wiser!

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