Weeki Wachee High School Journalism Class

Em's Cryo Treats Weeki Wachee High School Journalism Class

Welcome, and thank you for your support for the Weeki Wachee High School Journalism Students for the 2023-2024 school year!  Each product you purchase will benefit the dedicated and hard-working students and their activities budget.  You’re not just investing in some very unique treats and candies.  You’re investing in the future of young journalistic minds!

We know some patrons may want to add a little bit extra to their order to increase their total donation. We have added a 100% Donation option.  Once you make your product selections, or if you are not in to Freeze Dried Treats, you have the option to add the 100% donation to the cart.  There are set amounts you can choose from and all of it gets forwarded to the cause, except the unavoidable bank transaction fee of 3%.  The cause gets the rest!

{Shaking the Tin Can} Every little bit helps!

Please make your product selections from this page only so we can properly route your generosity to this cause!  Don’t forget to add the student’s name to your order at checkout so we can make sure your order is delivered to you!


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