Em's Cryo Treats Fundraisers

Welcome to our Fundraising page!  We are proud to support good causes for academics, religious orgs, youth groups and sports, community outreaches, and disasters.

We can custom build a very tasty campaign where the patron/donor is getting something good and unique, and the hard work of the recipients is rewarded with what would have been our profits on the items.

It’s important to us to help those around us, and many of our customers feel the same. When we set up our fundraisers, we don’t just throw the organizer some order forms and say “Good Luck!”.  We work in the background to make sure the flow of proceeds are readily available and transferred to the recipient as soon as the campaign is completed and payments have cleared.  We are also available even after-hours to offer support and answer any questions & solve any problems the campaign promoters have.

Please contact us!  We will be glad to walk you through the process, qualifications, and pay-out information.  Not only do we give you your very own Fundraiser Landing Page on our site so you can start soliciting orders as soon as your campaign starts, but you also get order forms for in-person sales!

If you’re here to buy treats to support one of our ongoing campaigns, find them and click below!
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